Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in August – 4

For Paula this month – my favorite prompt!

Ursine – hope Milo counts…

Earthward – Morocko mountains in the header and Bhutan dogs seen from our window.





An Ordinary Tuesday…in Another Voice

…in autumn, winter light. Some days the light is so special that the landscape speaks to you in another voice.

I was driving home, and when turning left over the familiar meadow landscape, the light changed. I stopped the car and went out to enjoy the short play of light. Intensity, softness, strong brown and orange.

The familiar houses, trees, barns, animals – everything seem to lift from the ground and soar towards you.

Looking back from where I came, the view included one of the oldest churches in the Nordic countries, Gumlösa Church, from the 12th century.

Maybe you think it is all very ordinary, but to me it is not. Living close to an open landscape is almost like living by the sea. The light changes every hour, and so does your view and interpretation of the landscape.

Soon the frost will cover these rich brown meadows, and give me another interpretation…but today I enjoy just This magic light.

In the header picture, I feel the sky almost mirrors the ground and the grass. I waited some ten minutes, silent and quiet, in the middle of the landscape.

Thursday Thoughts – Through the Car Window

A fine day – through the window. Windy and cold, but strawberry fields are here…

So…summer it is!

How About a Cow Adventure?

I had just left my daughter at the airport, and decided to drive home on winding, tiny roads unknown to me before. And I got what I secretly had hoped for – I had a cow adventure! Are you a cow lover too? Follow me then!