Weekly Travel theme: Walls

På temat ”Väggar” eller ”Murar” eller hur vi vill tolka det, kan man tänka mycket. Ailsa på Where’s my backpack? låter dig experimentera med din tolkning, och själv väljer jag en blandning av allt…tror jag. Jag tycker om att fotografera väggar. De fångar mig direkt och har alltid något att berätta, något som de tydligt utstrålar.

Ailsas travel theme this week is Walls. So many beautiful walls are already published for the theme, as  walls are very inviting to photograph. They immediately catch the eye and they always seem to speak to you of their inherent history. I chose some very different walls – and of course I had to include the Great Wall too. So many lives were lost building it, and they all rest inside this magnificent wall.

From Tibet, the great Kumbum stupa, from Toledo the fantastic golden wall by the high altar and from Taupo some graffitti. We happened to catch a festival featuring the most famous graffitti artists from all over the world.

The art inside a Maori gathering house has all its intricate meanings about life and growing. More from New Zealand are the remains of a church wall after the earthquake in Christchurch. We experienced a minor quake during our stay, and this church was on the other side of the road. The people are tough there, but the city had not yet recovered from  the disaster. Many buildings were severely damaged.

From Sweden the photo is from Fryksås, Orsa – our winter stay for several years. And the last two photos are from a hiking holiday in beautiful Azores, Portugal. Here they have great walls of hydrangea and stones all over the landscape to keep their cattle.

19 reaktioner på ”Weekly Travel theme: Walls

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  2. Stunning gallery again – everyone is so good. Your photo of the ”the Great Wall” is the best I seen so far – stunning, you should try to sell that one for the travel industry to use. Absolutly fantastic shot.

    • Jo, det har jag. Många tusen bilder från alla resor och naturligtvis hemifrån. Jag borde slänga många fler än jag gör, men det är svårt. Även kanske inte så bra bilder bär många minnen med sig.

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