Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82 – Capital

This week we are happy to have Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures as our guest host – and she has chosen Capital for us – to interpret our own special way. Maybe capital!

”Capital cities are a lot more than famous landmarks, squares, parks and monuments.” And indeed, they are. Being a former language teacher, when I travel, I always try to learn some useful phrases of that country’s language, and I enjoy very much the written language in countries that still treasure the art of calligraphy. These stones above, lie on the right side of the paved path up to the Pothala temple in Lhasa, Tibet.

I also treasure their open doors, and the friendly Tibetan people.

Peeping into the next gallery, I guess you know where I am – in Wellington, New Zealand.

With its fantastic nature, loving people and everyone being aware of how much we have to work to preserve our world and its biodiversity – NZ has its own special place in my heart. (Only Bhutan can compare. They are carbon neutral since long, even carbon negative.) The map…? Well, in Wellington and its vicinity, many scenes from the LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) were filmed – which also is a great plus in my book!

In Quito – the colourful capital of Equador, I lost myself in their Naïve art, which spoke to me as simple and frank as good children’s books do. Magical fantasy.

Edinburgh is a place to return to – great accent, festivals and all…but I met up with a dear blogging friend there – Seonaid of Breathofgreenair. I had some unforgettable days with her and her lovely family. Including her adorable dogs!

A capital I keep returning to again and again is Reykjavik, Iceland.  I don’t know of any church in the world more impressive than Hallgrímskirkja. Especially when walking up to it on a snowy day like this – it’s towering like a giant spaceship.

In the end… I must agree with Viveka – Tbilisi, Georgia, stole my heart too – I believe many stolen hearts are resting there, beating there… warming Tbilisi’s friendly, hospitable people. Despite the chaos, the tearing down and building up – Tbilisi opens its warm heart to everyone, of every colour, of every culture, of every faith.

Please be sure to visit Viveka’s site to view her challenge.  For the rest of February, we’ll return to our usual weekly schedule:

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56 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82 – Capital

  1. I missed this earlier in the week, Ann Christine. (another busy one 🙂 ) I didn’t know you taught languages, and I was interested that you mentioned Seonaid. Is she recovered yet? She had a magical presence here on WordPress but I know that tragedy befell. I would like her to know that we still think of her. And, oh- the places you’ve seen! 🙂 🙂

  2. Wonderful collection of Capitals! 🙂 That dog looks like he’s very contented! I’ve only seen Iceland as the plane was coming in/taking off and from the inside of the airport. That view on a snowy morning sure is quite spectacular.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. The images of the capital cities and their people really catch my eye. So nicely framed. I like the simple captures of regular life that you showcase. The signs and the map. And the stone tablets too! I used to do calligraphy when I was in college – I don’t see it much anymore.

    • So happy you enjoyed the post! I used to do calligraphy as well – but nowadays i find it hard to write readable…computers have destroyed that skill. I love that my son is doing calligraphy though – both by hand and via a tablet to the computer. I will post on his art someday, I think.

    • A childhood dream ever since I read about Shangri-La. I did not expect to find it of course…The beauty is there, and when you can talk to ”real” people it is wonderful. But the Chinese have taken over and the Tibetans are oppressed and silenced. I know Lhasa is completely changed since we visited, with high buildings and shopping centers. Far from Shangri-La.

  4. Hi Anne-Christine February already but may you hsve an amazing year. Interesting and beautiful post. Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, the capital of one of South Africa’s provinces.

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    • Yes…you are far away, Su. Antipodes – the very thought made me get my first foreign pen-friend in your country. She once sent me a calendar with monthly pictures from NZ. What I saw became a constant dream of mine to realize…and I could hardly believe it when it came true. I still have that calendar somewhere…it is 50 years old and more. Life is strange, isn’t it.

  6. Absolutely wonderful post A-C. But how did I not know u were a language teacher as I was (for a very short time)?! Loved how you showed the personality of each place you’ve highlighted. I guess I need to add Tbilisi to my list of places to see!

  7. Great to hear from you, Dina! I just wanted another perspective on capital – not only the usual, beautiful, architectural ones.
    Thank you for a lovely comment ♥ – and I understand about traveling. Somehow it has lost much of its charm with the transport pollution. We don’t travel that much anymore either. Train is OK. If I fly, I plant new trees through different organizations to ease my mind. Even if I have always planted trees – I try to plant more now.

  8. What a wonderful, inspiring take on the challenge, Ann-Christine! Beautifully presented, awakening my desire for more travels although we have decided to avoid flights and boats for pleasure from now on.

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  10. Lovely A-C!! Tibet had to have been amazing. Love the puppies and Iceland in the winter. I may have to make a trip over there in winter – I would love to see the Norther lights. Have you been to the Lofoten Islands in Norway in the winter by chance?

  11. Hi, A-C. You’ve taken me on a wonderful tour of places I’ve never been. I love it. You have gotten me very curious about Tbilisi. Now it’s on my ”to go” list. Thanks. Your shots are beautiful, as always. I love that church in Norway. Amazing.

    • Glad to have inspired you for Tbilisi – a very special place. In one single neighborhood they have several different churches and synagogues and a caravanseraj…they are masters of co-existence. I just loved their tolerance and simple views of what life is.
      Glad you also love the grand cathedral in Reykjavik!

    • My heart is happy by thinking of NZ! So glad if you go one day – I would love to go once more, but it is a very long journey from Sweden. They are our antipodes.

  12. Thank you, AC for such an enjoyable tours of capital around the world! Fantastic photos, as always. Precious stone with carved characters that you captured in Lhasa. The red door is my favorite! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Amy, glad you enjoyed my thoughts of what these capitals mean to me. Also happy you liked the stone carvings in Tibetan language and the red door!

  13. What can I say, A-C! You have blown the socks off me here *smile – we only have 2 in common here …. Tbilisi and Edinburgh, what a fantastic image of the dogs. Well done, Mrs Påhlson.

    • Well, Ms Gustavsson, the same to you! I loved your take on this topic, and also put myself the question: What was capital to me in those capitals? Not the great buildings and monuments (except for Hallgrimskirkja)…but, other things mostly. A fun challenge! Interesting to see all the posts coming and all the different thoughts.

      • A-C, you always deliver… where ever you go. Such a great author and photographer. The Iceland image is impressive. That must be the church my friend is talking about. By the way, there is no link between our posts. Have a great Sunday.

    • Oh, I only taught in Sweden! My main subject is Swedish and literature, but I also taught English and some French. It feels good now to have dropped it, and I am not that grammar freak anymore….I can both read and write without pencil in hand, sometimes even without noticing the mistakes. In fact a real freedom to be retired!

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