Thursday Thoughts – Strolling in Gdansk

I will always love Poland, and Gdansk is one of my favorite cities in the world.

Strolling along the water and the beautiful Mariacka street is a feast for all your senses.

I keep returning…about every second year. This year, the Sharpei beauty was sitting on his steps the whole day. Posted this one before, I am sure…

We came for the WWII museum this time, very well organized, but so depressing that I returned to Mariacka afterwards, to heal.

Details that intrigue me – the Gargoyles, the steps and stairs – and the beautiful doors.

Guess who was waiting there?

Until next time! ♥


39 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Strolling in Gdansk

  1. Thank you for the beautiful strolling, AC!
    I left a comment to your future post yesterday. It’s not there. Could you check your spam folder to see it went there. Thanks!

  2. I too love this city. And though the WWII museum makes for a difficult afternoon, it was especially interesting in having a central European perspective, rather than being British-centric, as we are used to.

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