LAPC# 231 – Favourites of 2022

Our first host this new year is John, challenging us to show our favourites of 2022. I don’t know how you choose your favourites, but my choices bring me smiles and warm feelings. So, they are for the greater part memories for my heart.

My absolute favourite 2022 is –

Myra! New in the family and always a sunshine. ♥

At the beginning of last year we went to Lundsbrunn and found some beautiful ruins on the way. Their colours and structures fascinated me. And the concept of pictures in pictures.

Every spring I go to the beech forest to find the first little blue anemonies (hepatica) – daringly facing the first rays of sun. Many times the snow has not yet left the ground.

Pasque flowers are among my absolute favourites, and they are beautiful in every stage of transition. The annual walk by the sea at Kivik and the west coast of Skåne is a treat every spring.

You who follow me know, that flowers are my passion, but also the little inhabitants that fly among them, insects and birds. Nothing beats an early morning walk in the forest or in the fields…or in my garden. At the beginning of the day when everything is served fresh and dewy, birds are singing in a seemingly flawless world .

For some years now, there has not been much traveling – for obvious reasons. When we finally could use our tickets to Porto, it was a strange, but familiar feeling to sit in a plane again. We are more often going by train now – to spare the environment.

Porto was the treat we had been told it would be. And it was very invigorating to meet another foreign city, its culture and people.

For the greater part of 2022 we stayed at home. There was much to do with the glass house, growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. I was also lucky to have a couple of Hummingbird Hawkmoths as rare guests in my garden! As they do not really belong here, I felt a bit sad for them – they would not make it through the winter months.

Mushrooms are delightful company on my walks, and I am appreciating them more every year. This soft little one was accompanied by an even tinier friend at its base. It made me smile.

I hope some smiles came your way as well, looking at my images – ♥

We are looking forward to seeing your favorite images from 2022! Be sure to link your post to John’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find your response. Next week, Sofia hosts the challenge. For more information on joining the challenge each week, check here.

Thank you for staying with us through 2022, and hopefully this will be a Happy and Healthy New Year, 2023!

64 reaktioner på ”LAPC# 231 – Favourites of 2022

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  5. Your photos never disappoint me, AC. Little Myra, the flowers, insects, landscapes…Just gorgeous. I’m hoping that you have plenty of photo opportunities in 2023 and plenty of long walks in your beautiful part of the world. I’m still hoping we can take a walk together in Sweden and you can show me your favorite places. 😀😀😀

    • Thank you very much, wishing you the same! I only had one winter image – in the opener. I was looking for winter pictures…but the best were all from 2021!

  6. Coming in late am a total copycat with my choices ! Little Myra of course – what an intelligent gaze much older than her age . . . . and, yes, that gorgeous rabbit in Porto . . . now why Have I not seen it with my own eyes ? 🙂 !!!

  7. How beautiful Myra is, a perfect choice. I love your other choices too. How brilliant to get a hummingbird hawkmoth in focus, they move so fast, so a great capture. Love your mushroom too, another thing I find hard to photograph. Very well done

  8. Your photos almost always bring smiles and warm feelings, Ann-Christine. They are a part of you and the warmth shines through. I especially like the rush of Pasque flowers and those determined anemones. Welcome little Myra! What a wonderful family you have found yourself.

  9. Of course I always love your macros and nature photos Ann-Christine. Little Myra is so cute and the star of the show.
    My favourite is that wonderful photo of the Lundsbrunn ruins and the pictures in pictures 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Cee! I think I did not make many images last year – no traveling. But, that’s the way it is and will be I guess. hope you will see the dahlia farm this year!

      • I’m hoping to. My photography was pathetic last year. I’m starting a new treatment for Long Haul Covid in a couple of weeks. The initial part is for 90 days. Hopefully this will get me out more this year. 😀 😀

  10. Oh my…can there be anything greater than sweet Myra for 2022. No doubt she keeps you laughing and enjoying the simplest fun.

    I love your photo of the spring walk to see the Pasque flowers. The ocean in the back brings it to perspective for me to think the dunes are covered in them.

    Your attention to detail is what I always love about your photography and the tiny bug on the grass/flower (?) is such a great example of that. An I do love your collection of photos from Porto. The man walking down the stairs is a favorite, and the rabbit mural, quite fun, isn’t it? Happy New Year

    • Thank you so much, Donna! Myra is indeed a sweetie. The Pasque flower image is an all time favourite of mine. I was lucky to get it before the flowers were all gone. I too love the rabbit, and in fact, it is a woman priest walking down the stairs!

  11. Beautiful as always Ann-Christine. I must agree with you that Myra is the star of the show although every image illustrates your amazing eye and skilled composition / technique. It’s your heart that combines with your art to achieve such mastery. Wonderful as always

  12. Ann Christine, happy 2023! Your photos are always delightful and so are the places your blog takes me to. Seriously, I’m in awe of the giant bunny and the staircase in Porto. Absolute stunners!

  13. A wonderful collection, A-C! My favorite (among all those beautiful floral images,) is that giant rabbit mural. I wish I’d seen that mural on our travel through Porto last fall.

  14. Some lovely images Ann-Christine
    It’s so hard to choose though
    The baby is a cutee, I have an abundance of photos of my grandchildren
    Hope the rest of 2023 is a good one for you

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